Been missing my writing peeps (though we all have good reasons for our mini-hiatus – domestic and overseas travel, babies, holiday festivities…)  But I wanted to post a little something because I’ve done something that I haven’t done in a very long time – submitted work. 

I’ve also taken the novel wannabe that I’ve been working on for so long in a new direction.  I’m feeling better about it. 

I’m not much of a resolution-maker (I tend to break them, then beat myself up till Dec. 31 about it).  But I did buy a brand-new notebook, which always makes me feel good, and I started making mini-goals for the week.  This week’s goals had to do with submitting two stories, finishing a novel that I’ve been reading slowly (Paul Auster’s Sunset Park), and writing five pages by hand.  I submitted both stories, am close to the end of the Auster, and have almost met my writing goals.  I’m not thinking of these as resolutions, just teeny-tiny little goals to be met.  Hopefully the cumulative momentum will snowball into something that I can say in retrospect was some sort of resolution that I actually kept.

What have you all been working on over the holidays? 

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3 Responses to Anti-resolutions

  1. Mauro says:

    I’m really glad to read what you’ve done over the last few weeks. It’s great to hear that you’re writing and sending out, too. Congrats. I’d never make a resolution out loud, either, because it’s so hard for me to follow through with such things. I’ve been working on the 2nd draft of my novel – even writing “my novel” feels presumptuous, as it’s such a mess and most of the time I have no idea how to proceed. Some days I sit at my desk and look out the window a lot and try to stay away from my phone and its internet connection. Some days I get a few sentences written, or re-written. And then on another day I’ll just go to another story and work on it and feel relief. But I did get to it most days of the week, so that’s good.. Now I’m thinking to get through – and it feels like getting through, something to survive – this draft by the end of the summer and hopefully it will make some sense to me. I don’t know if this is a good strategy or not, but I do have the desire to at least get it to that point. I wonder if there’s any strategies anyone can recommend in terms of getting it ordered, organized. So — that’s what I’ve been up to.

    • amykw says:

      That’s my goal, too – at least a very messy rough draft by the end of the summer. I’m hoping that by doing a little bit every day, then having the summer to slog out the rest of it, I’ll at least have something that I can call a draft. I’m not sure about the order and organization part of it – notecards? A post-it wall?

      In other reading news, I’m reading Dana Spiotta’s “Lightning Field” right now. I’m really interested in how she juggles multiple narrators and the way she uses description. I feel like it’s pertinent to what I’m writing now. It’s very good – I’d recommend her work.

      • Mauro says:

        Slogging — that’s how it feels — muck that will not relent. Thanks for the suggestion on Dana Spiotta.

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