Monday Check In

I’m working on a chapter of my book and some travel-related pitches. Deadline for both projects is Monday. Also working on some photography for my class – which is fulfilling in a very different way than writing. What are you all up to? Sound off writers!


About Rachel Friedman

I'm the author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost: A Memoir of Three Continents, Two Friends, and One Unexpected Adventure (Bantam, April 26, 2011).
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5 Responses to Monday Check In

  1. writesmall says:

    Ignoring the itch to write, and instead finding restlessness in reading writing blogs. What can I say? The torture can be as enjoyable as writer’s block, both of which I suffer from.

  2. Mauro Altamura says:

    I was happy to get off a chunk of novel to NLWG — I’m always filled with apprehension when I submit something, even to my colleagues. Part of my process, I suppose, I have to manifest anxiety. I am still so unsure about what it is I’m writing about in this novel but am understanding some of the issues and hope I can get them into the writing. I am often trying to translate my inner turmoil into words on a page, into a scene and dialogue. It’s stymied me mostly, but I think it’s what I ultimately want to get from writing. It’s a real task for me.

    I’ve read 2 (only 2) chapters of Moby Dick so far. Lots of excuses but the curse of the book haunts me. Dawn lets us know “It is indeed the best book ever written,” and another friend tells me It’ll be worth it when I FINALLY GET THROUGH the book.” ( My emphasis ) Both comments enlarge the task, decrease my strength against it. As elusive as ever, the book sits in my book bag and accompanies me wherever I go, unopened for many days. The 13th of April looms, my pledge to finish half of it ever present in my mind. I will make the book as big as possible, the behemoth Ahab and Melville knew, perhaps.

    • Dawn R. says:

      I’m loving how much this book is torturing you. It makes Moby Dick that much more magical.

      I’ve been writing more non-fiction. Though I feel calling it ‘non-fiction’ is giving it more credit than it deserves. They are short, super confessional shame vignettes. Probably because I think I’m too good for therapy. I’m such an asshole.

      • Mauro Altamura says:

        Magical to you, maybe. I got to page fifty today. Last night, after a seven course Italian Easter dinner I went home and thought I’d read from about 9pm on. I was done by 9:30, unable to keep my eyes open. Not Melville’s fault, just my own exhaustion and too much pasta! I do feel determined, though, and that this, the fifth attempt at finishing the book, will be the charmed one.

        Writing is another issue — I’m so bogged down in a rewrite of this novel, since last week I have been unable to get much further than what I submitted to you. But I keep at it, as fruitless as it seems these days. Maybe this is the nature of writing. Or maybe just my writing.

  3. amykw says:

    Seeing as I am the one who suggested the check in and now am the one who has slacked off the most on an update, I think I owe you all an apology. I’ve had the week off from teaching and it’s been absolutely blissful and I’ve written several pages in between dealing with the rest of my life (which has also been put aside while I’ve been working full-time). I have had very little time to do my own work since September (as you all know and have heard about ad nauseum), but having some small amount of time to write more than a sentence or two at a time (which has been my modus operandi lately on a good day) has made me miss my old writing routines even more (even if they were primarily sitting in a chair and looking out the window as I fretted and stewed). I think I underestimated how much time and energy teaching would take from me, and when I get home, it’s a whole new job getting kids to their various activities, dealing with homework, and sometimes taking care of stuff I couldn’t get to during the day. Not to mention all the other little things I do on the side.

    So it’s been a good week. I’m not ready for it to end yet.

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